In the End

One day the time will also end
Nothing will be left to say or pretend
The cycle of life will come to a halt
Earth will punish the dreams of fault
Mirrors would be there with no reflection
Flaws would be many but no correction Memories will cry but no one to hear
Souls will shatter in drugs of fear
The hearts we broke, the people we had offend
will all be gone with not a second chance to amend
Achievements of the past would be buried in the vault
All the gainings erased and set to default
Every division will resolve, there would be no section
The agony of one will spread to all like infection
Confusion will prevail and nothing would be clear
Obscurity would rule and certainty will disappear
Goods of companions and bads of enemies will blend
leaving no difference between a foe and a friend
Scars obtained from all fights and greatest assault
will turn to fresh wounds and be rubbed with salt
But there will remain a hope of His direction
The one who had earlier too provided protection
Then a new confidence humanity would wear
whose current actions only will act as its seer

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