In the End

I sit here and wonder why you had to go,
The questions unanswered and I'll never know.
My stomach's uptight and full of knots,
So is my mind with many thoughts.

I think how bad it feels that you're not here,
Then down my cheek runs a tear.
It was very hard to actually believe you're gone,
Like my mind had withdrawn.

I miss talking to my sweet caring friend,
Hoping this isn't the end.
I sometimes want to just scream,
Hoping to wake up out of this dream.

I remember when you told me time heals all,
That's what went through my mind as I recall.
There are days when I remember when you made me laugh,
That was the best of times on your behalf.

There are places I go that we've been to,
Everytime I do they remind me of you.
I will never ever forget about my friend,
And keep faith we'll be together in the end.

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