In the heat of the night

It was a dark night.
You could even say,
The sky was black.
The only light,
That could be seen
Was the light of the moon.
The wind it played,
It's own tune.
The breeze it was soft.
And the only thing,
That she could see.
Was the reflection of him,
Within the moonlight.
His chest was smooth,
Making her long to run,
Her hand down his chest.
All it took was just a glance,
Upon his body
And she could feel
Urges awaken that,
She had never felt before.
He walked over to her,
And placed his hands upon her hips.
Lighting the fires that
burned within her vains.
Oh the heat of his kiss,
Sent her urges into flight.
His embrace was
like an angel of light.
It only lasted for a moment,
Yet left her wishing it was,
For all eternity.

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