In the House

Kneeling on a couch, I peer outside,
the lens looked through ridden with droplets.
Cars pass on either side; a stream weaves
along the street gutter; inside – unlike outside.

Dismal without – quiet repose within. It
will not last – everyone must venture
beyond its comfort. You may not reconcile things
beyond, shattering they are to your proportional Pond.

Waves cast doors asunder, secure the mast!
renew the past! A Tangent of Mind you cannot
explain, back to the present, returning. The
shade descends as I release the string; vision

Obscured, nay, hindered. I feel my knees on the
couch, though they were always there, for the
duration which now is impaired. Walls of protection
I acknowledge, gratitude to the builders; I am in the house.

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