In the Knowing

Steel blue framed in rays from the sun,
the warmth of innocence declared by her smile.
Tiny fingers, tiny toes - into a world she didn't know.
Her mothers' hands a blanket of safety, where did they go?
Alas, no mommy, no mama; rather a shadow of a woman, stifled.
Her life ravaged and surrendered, every door closed
to hope, to love, to mother.

Steel blue framed in rays from the sun.
Pain, the great thief, her innocence overcome.
Yet strength like the waves of the sea, never ending,
It's In the Knowing;
Those thieves who stole the warmth in her smile,
mothers and fathers, friends and lovers
are nothing but broken shells on this earth.

Steel blue framed in rays from the sun,
understanding and wisdom and knowing return.
She is not the why, it's the what who stole her,
so long ago was when and where no longer matters.

Yes warmth radiates, see it there?
Living and learning, breaking and hurting.
It's In the Knowing
she never gave up.

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