In the mind of a soldier

They booked a flight for me,
I wished it was in business class,
But when there was no baggage to board,
A blast of Bizarre nosiness basked to throw my thoughts,
Why was this done behind someone's back?
Invisible, confidential, official, but behind all of this was there bad intention?
They said bon voyage and the busy engine behaved while balancing in the air,

And I felt solitaire

I felt the aircraft bump into a bird,
Which bizarre behavior puzzled my brain,
He bolted racing with the plane,
Why Was he bound to

lose himself

just to win,
Was it because of the monster boredom is?
or rather the feeling of pride, glory, honour,
that to be felt has created the deaths of many?

My blanket was blown away by a bloodcurdling feeling of coldness,
I look beneath me,
but I see nothing except the shallow, shapeless sea.

My favorite sound is silence,
that appears when the sea meets a shoreline,
that looks like the scribbles in my journal,
and the shades of blue look like different kinds of shadows,

and lurking

Blameworthy is scribbled all over me,
And as I soar though the air,
The nudging feeling of temptation wants me to look down
but looking below board would trigger the human part of me,
and blowing up America's Honour because of regret,
would be an even BIGGER, bolder, brutal regret,

but I had to be aware of holding back emotions,
because they were explosive
so I dropped

the bomb.

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