In the mirror

I pear into the mirror and what do I see
A Christian, A student, a preacher to be
Respected by peers and adults alike
A child of God in every aspect of my life
Understanding and kind
Learning the ways of the world through filtered eyes
A leader but first a servant to the lord my God
Seeking wisdom that only the He can provide
Determined and focused on my goals in life
But listening for the changes God wants in my life
A construction site foundation laid and the temple underway
Flawed and imperfect something that will never change
But I'd never have it any other way
A spec of light in a world of darkness
An encamped soldier of the one true King
Walking through life once blind now I can see the great things God has enstore for me
Lost at time because the path is so hard to see
But eyes focused forward never turning back never giving in
For a greater light shines in the distance
A better me, greater then I would ever think I could be
Molded by God for all the world to see
So much to learn, even more to see
Never stopping into I get see the one true King

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