In the Rain

Insipid raindrops fall unceasingly on my skin
Washing away beads of perspiration
Freshwater mingles with saltwater
I run my tongue along my arm
Feel the skin burn beneath it
Lie back on the cold, wet rock
Close my eyes
Feel the wind loosen the knot of guilt
The rainwater sizzling on my hot skin
Let the rain burn out the fire within
Let it wash away the guilt
Cool the relentless desire
A desire which overwhelms me
Consumes me entirely
A tangled wet mass of dark hair flows down the side of the rock
My skin glistens with yellow fire
As flashes of lightening reflect briefly onto its moist surface
It sparks and fades, then sparks again
As though the flames from within are trying to tear through me
Attempting to escape
My own private Hell torments me
Sin has its pleasures
It has its price too
The pleasure is past
The price, yet to be paid

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