In the Wind

Don't you go and turn your sweet back on love
the pain we share in our souls are signed to thereof
A woman left lonely is but a master of the odds
she breaths passion and sings rock and roll with the gods
play back what you think is bright or else it will go to sleep
the memories you keep don't count the black sheep
Get it while you can, for the years are never kind
Its only the music that you can push rewind
Its all the same day man, you gotta call that love man
or else the life that you live will be a fire without a fan
Bleed yourself dry, and stretch your hands to the moon
stay solvent and brave, the Calvary will be here soon
The dammed and the forgotten will rise from the grave
and realize that they were too late to save
A ball and chain isn't the only thing to blame
obsession of knowledge and beauty and Fame
bloated with nonsense and guided into the darkness by fools
Stagnant with honor, bravery, kindness, without the tools
to save themselves, like a captain going down with his ship
we will fade from this world, even without a glaciers tip
the world is full of poison, with a need for a drain
or else this creation will have been nothing but a stain

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