In the Words of Nature

Eons ago serenity dominated
My existence was undisturbed
To a rhythm everything conformed
Any departure was unexpected

Birds flap the wings of harmony
Rivers carry the ripples of harmony
Flatlands speak the language of harmony
Forests converse with clouds in harmony

Members of mine often endure
Hurdles humans erect in awe
'Conquering the nature' brings them awe
Fulfillment they have to procure

Invention is their intention
Of the mind, it's an exhibition
Sharp turns, in anticipation
Of a made-up world, in confirmation

Can sharp turns sooth the mind?
Wouldn't they rob the smoothness of mind?
Isn't it the source of stress of the mind?
Smooth shapes conform to the mind

Humans yearn for endless comfort
A sea of knowledge aids the effort
For a hiatus of calm, when they divert
I receive them with a heart overt

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