In the World by Myself

It's kind of funny when people would pretend to be my friends
Family would pretend to be family just for some ends
Girls wanted to be my girl when I had something
But treated me like scum when I had nothing
Man, I don't get why the world is so shady
Now I stay to myself because too many have played me
In the world full of snakes
The world full of fakes
The world where I wish was different but it's not and full of hate
With all the demons that I have, I can't take it
I know if I don't calm down, I won't make it
I'm 24 with high blood pressure, which is crazy as it seems
Sometimes I want to scream to blow off a little steam
They say I need a therapist
What does a therapist know about problems, struggles or all embarrassments?
They don't care how bad my life is
Because they get paid to tell bull that only works for the nice kids
All my anger issues started when I was nine
Back-and-forth in foster homes and they left me dirty without a dime
Even my dad gave me scars I'm going to see for the rest of my life
I hate everything because I've never been blessed in my life
I used to think that praying to God was false hope
Because all the pain I'm still dealing with now, I lost hope
Sometimes I feel like I'm slowly dying
But half the time I smile to keep from crying

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