In This Dry Place

In this dry place where I have learned to call home
No matter the distance I set between or where I roam
It's not very popular on a map and most don't know it
It's not very small though just a seemingly bottomless pit
I haven't seen a snowfall here in at least the past two years
As for surrounding areas yes it snows for them just not over here
Like cruelty nature passes us with any hint as to our existence
All the nagging and begging doesn't help either as if lost patience
We are unworthy I assume in this dry place to get a good sleet even or rain
So we just mope around trying one another as to act out our pain
There are some who don't believe that this has an effect on ones behavior
But sadness gathered anyone who allowed with no help from a savior
What made this place so gloomy and so sad all the time that it's now dry
Lonely hearts that don't have any Faith and instead question 'HIM' now forever cry
Where did this dry place come from we all wonder and look past
Hoping and praying the time we spend here is never one to last

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    This Poems Story

    Feeling like I'm in a dead end kind of place doomed forever to be stuck here.