In This Little Box of Mine

In this little box of mine,
You'll find the love you'll need for all of time
In good times, bad times, and no times at all
I will always have love,
Waiting for you to call

Memories by memories will seem to unfold
And we are blessed with so much love to behold
For in this little box, I give it all to you,
All of my love, and I know I have yours too

When I go off to college, my love will not go away
And when I grow up, it will always stay

But my little box here will never just leave
It will stay right with you like Adam with Eve

So for all of these years,
My box will stay by your heart
When you feel you need love
Until death do us part

But even past then, my love will still grow
And though the box's size will not change
You will know

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