In This Place

In the deepest realm where our naked subconscious abides
In the abyss where all thought, emotions and memories resides
In the dimension of emptiness, where our minds eye holds the key
In the void between time and space continuum, we may never see

In all worlds, all scenarios, all plots we can conceive
In all hopes, all wishes, all achievements we can achieve
In all dangers, all angst, all fears we can conjure in our minds
In all feelings, of love, of lust, of the multitude feelings we find

In this place, where we all go to at some point in time
In this place, where all thoughts and emotions intertwine
In this place, so vivid in our memory, yet now so hard to remember
In this place, where our imagination becomes our truest inventor

In this place, that I do not recall
In this place, that is no place at all
In this place, so real it may seem
In this place, is where I dream

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