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In a poem, there are words.
Words of meaning and words of passion,
With that meaning, we take it.
Think about it! And we do what we can to make sure,
That we understand it!
In this poem, there is imagery.
Pictures of places and imaginable things!
We see them! We take a look, and we know that something is there.
Something shining pleasantly!
Pleasantly shining!
In this poem, there is a world.
A world of our own creation, and of our own utopia,
We hear that sound! That sound that we want to hear,
Just snapping away all of our fears!
The fears are all captured and taken away.
Leaving our joyful days.
In this poem, I find meaning.
A meaning of you, and a definition of me!
We all have one!
Whether we know it or not,
There's that word that describes us,
But we can only define it ourselves
That word makes us who we are.
In this poem, you'll seek motivation.
You'll look into the words, and take something from it.
In this poem, you'll find words, a world, and meaning.

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This Poems Story

I am Hayden Scott Haynes; therefore, when I become an author, I want to have my author name as H. S. Haynes. Being a writer has helped me as an individual. When stressed, I would capture myself inside my creativity and write as rhymes would come to my head. Poetry always came easy for me because I'm always thinking in deep thoughts. This poem was written mainly to captivate and to motivate. It's meant to get others to think as they read and to know that there is a purpose in life.