In This Skin

In this skin from head to toe is all I will ever know
In this skin, I will be everything that has and will create me
In this skin, I have sinned, done things with regret
But it's this skin that I will always protect
In this skin, I was raised as prey
Never knowing there would be a day of solidarity
In this skin, I have fought and lost, but I have also fought and won
In this skin, I have hurt and I have loved
In this skin, I begin to see things with realistic eyes
To know the truth from all the lies
To know what hides deep inside
To see the mirror image of my soul
To hold on to what is known
A faith of the unseen
In this skin, I have known the troubling souls of brokenness
To see the jealous and the sick
In this skin, I have been wounded and hold deep scars
But in this skin, I have also seen humanity
A coming together for what is right, a tenderness in sight
In this skin, I will stand strong, I will challenge and I will fight
I will protect what is right
For in this skin I have seen the tattered and torn grow strong
I have seen your strength inside
It's our design
This mirror-image of mine
One of the same skin

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