In this world,
The law is the shadow
Of the unjust,
Created to cage the just,
By a system repeated
year after year,
Make perfect for the selected few.

In this world,
Our leaders are on sabbatical,
Our pains are the annual reminder
Of their brutality.
Their lawless act is a
thorn round our neck.
Looters who live freely with impunity.

In this world,
Everyone is a foreigner.
Foreigners in the world
Given to us by the mythical.
Tribalism is our greatest plague.

In this world,
You get hurt, troubled, rejected
and saddened by Adam.
An eye for an eye,
Make us all go blind.
Who did this to us?

In this world,
Hypocrites who butcher
Their brothers for grains,
Becomes an activist
Against xenophobic.
Forgetting the sin of
A brother affects us all.
We are doom to crumble.

In this world,
There is pain,
You do know sorrow,
Here, the shepherd has no
Relationship with the sheep.

This is the world therein,
Which has no
Tolerance for Adam.

***Dedicated to all blacks killed during Xenophobic attack all in South Africa***

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This poem is about blacks killing blacks, blacks hating blacks.