In Time

When I close my eyes I see your face,
but when I open them you weren't there.
Everywhere I look reminds me of you
even though I try my best to forget about you.

You made me experience great happiness
and at the same time incredible pain,
Although my mind wants to erase you,
my heart still calls for you

Why do I still care?
And remember the times we shared,
and still wait,
when you don't even feel the same

They say loving you was great,
but I feel like I made a mistake.
Because you won't see me the way,
like I see you today

I've kept it so long,
that I can no longer hold on.
They say time will heal,
but I felt my time stood still

I tried removing you from my heart,
but every time I do it's tearing me apart.
Now I've learned my lesson,
and it's because of a certain person

But every tears I shed,
and every pain I've felt
will be a feeling I'll never forget

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This Poems Story

It's about remembering your past and is still trying to move on from it