In When In Time

Gone to about exist in turmoil flames sting beg for a leg for walks in burn haphazard by definition.
I been through this of is on mars or sort of choice but by those taken against my will.
I am these ghosts that rampage power amongst themselves away into me very worthy of such.
I am gifted by Satan with an ability that's beyond comprehension.

It is in the light shadow in darkness.
I am summer sun walking into running are the horses with dead voices through add mist.
The one tense the seven the last six follow in modules.
To reveal the more hurt awake in depth storm drain swallow through.
It is to come on the world to date evidence volumes.

This is for all who praise the highest god. How do you?
To seek retention when turn able is of not the page this one;
of skull attached to the body the story to justify a course in action.
This is through an optical lens.

I see the difference of grey foreshadowing sides that are blind in fine print black or white give it sent more stench smell gross a like.
This is in the humans the Grinch is certainly growing that took Christmas for granted saved sprint fence. I'm on about the holiday season boarded over the horizon.

The maintenance check system left end when not remember until September forgot forgiven the last will cause after all sprawls.
This is to not let it hinder mint cup sucking up answers to slander with no manner.
The fanciful social media rants enough or means that blends.

To the corpse bored while divorced from the world old.
I earned my scars this far long help home not ever had one to own.
The wrong league to strong given to do so on.

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Distorted description.