I don't know why I hate him so badly,
maybe it's because I remember I used to love him,
and he doesn't even care not one bit.
Other than the fact that he didn't care,
he was also cheating,
that was before and after we broke up.
immediately after he knew I was gone,
he told some girl else that he loves her.
Very funny because those were the same words he told me too.
It was all lie's but I was too blind to see,
the trigger was pulled but I wasn't prepared for it
so I got shot in a broken heart.
Am weak, sorrowful, hurt and very upset,
not because he left me
but because he said he would always be there,
I feel disappointed and used,
I was thinking this is the last but I guess I failed again,
I guess I haven't taken the time to discover what I really want.
Too sad I showed him way too much love
and got peanuts back from him.
I just wish we could switch souls one day
so he could feel what I do feel
and crave attention from me that he wouldn't get.
Hard to believe I was there for him,
physically ,emotionally, socially, sexually, and financially.
I have become a totally changed person, happy to unhappy,
loud to quite,and working with time and plans.

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