Incredible india

An incredible place in the whole world,
where different cultures are found.
Have a huge population,
with their parties and celebration.
It has different shades of color,
but it doesn't have it's currency as dollar.
Children's voice is filled in every corner,
while women are filled in beauty parlour.
It celebrates all the festivals,
Let them in a small cottage or in a ball.
They smile in every occasion,
and celebrate it with great enthusiasm.
Every day is a festival here,
nobody knows what means fear.
Armies are standing in the border,
life of whose is very harder.
It got it's freedom with much difficulty,
everybody here has a feeling of nationality.
It has a flag of tricolor,
With people living here of multicolor.
People here are of multicaste,
they live peacefully by doing fast.
Let that be holi or diwali,
all are celebrated equally.

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