I leap without looking
Not thinking at all
Daring to dive
Yet fearing the fall

Expecting the worst
Preparing for pain
Begging to burst
From the thought in my brain

The air all around me
Is no longer sweet
With unsteady ground
I'll stay on my feet

Frightened to follow
Where life seems to lead
Heavy hearts become hollow
Without the love that they need

Sun stealing sorrows
Surrenders so soon
My mind being motivated
By the music of the moon

Stars come together
To create a caressing song
Serenity so simple
In the nights that last so long

Clouds are coming closer
Counting on a chase
Their presence holds the power
To purify this place

Convincing me to cry
With promises of lies

The rain begins revealing
Who really has control
Light will shine upon
Every feeling in my soul

I leap without looking
Too tired to crawl
I pull myself in
To make sense of it all

If I were a dove
I could fly away
If I knew that I was loved
I'd have a reason to stay

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