Indelible Light of the Millennials

Attention . Divided



I am spiritually starving
for anything of substance
that will not wash away
when the seven oceans
that overwhelm my generation
come to flood the world:

(1) Violent self-harming criticism

(2) social—solitary-confinement—anxiety epidemic unprecedented

(3) clumsy self-acceptance
dancing, fighting, balancing on the tips of double-edged knives and swords,
sharp bitter points and cutting, clever, hateful jokers, trolls and memes
born in internet chat rooms
and social media platform communities
of a social network undermined
and terrorized by serial—cyber-bully—killers

(4) self-destructive generational tendencies to be chilled by bars, focused by Adderall lifts, but hamstrung by Heroin and all her cousins: it is the fucking opioids, opioids. Opioids!

(5) fired and or kicked out of school broken family alcoholic tragedies

(6) custom forms of madness birthed by custom forms of depression

(7) culture of waking nightmares bred in a new kind of dark

that dims the dawn and seeps into the daylight-hours’ skin, devouring, from

the inside out, even the best and the brightest among us.

The seven oceans may forever lay waste to everything;

may inspire seven awful, awesome, horrid hells;

an endless, gelid night . . .

but only by facing our final,

indefectible obliteration

can the forever



in us be forged!

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A poem of observation, reflection, and motivation.