I’m speaking to the other species 
You’re mad because I’m Independent 
I’m strong , I’m my own provider 

He says...

But he doesn’t understand my purpose
Because I showed you I was fully worth it 
And yet I have done too damn much 

You didn’t want equality 
You wanted some obedience
You wanted control and nothing to supersede it 
But did you give me a reason to submit 

What about us working hard to build this foundation 
And I thought we would lay down... 
Together... The Cement..

You tell me I’m too hard, but when you met me I was adored...
Maybe you didn’t know what you were looking for....

The food is good, the sexual appetite was great
I cook it, you eat it, and the dessert....
Never had anything left on your plate 

Independent women get bad reps 
Because we don’t settle for less
We just know what we want and have no problems getting our hands dirty or our feet wet 

But some men think you’re his competitor
Not his prize possession 
Not his Rib 

He’ll only realize later on when he loses you 
He had A Real One He Was dealing with. 

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