India’s Daughter

She is India’s Daughter, but do we really want her to be?
Or is it just another title to sit in denial and breed,
More of India’s Sons a title patriarchy refuses to leave?
She is the reason millions are mourning, but who is she?
We call her Nirbhaya, We call her fearless,
Jyoti Singh it was, who as they say was characterless
Because you never learnt to see,
A woman is more than your daughter, mother, sister or wife she is not just a stree.
Oh and what did she do? She went to see a movie with her boyfriend at eleven,
Good enough reason for you to send her to heaven?
An eight year old in Kathua, she was just going to school
What was her fault you ask, oh! she wanted to learn and be cool
Lets talk about the vet, who was burned to death,
She didn’t know how to fix her vehicle and asked for help,
What did she get? She was crowned as India’s daughter yet again.
And of course a million tweets and candles to support this title we crown so proudly.
But oh the rapist was he truly a rapist you question?
No part of her behavior or dress said “no” you mention.
Her mouth screaming in protest is just a noise in the void,
Because you don’t hear it or simply avoid.
The suffering stands questionable,
The character stands questionable
Stands questionable the credibility of her allegations.
Oh but the men and their penis,
They are a hormone charged genus.
It is really not them, but the chowmien or the science.
But I would like to remind,
These are only a few that caught media’s attention,
But what about the MLA who doesn’t take any tension,
After molesting his secretary, he hasn’t been held accountable,
But why will he be? Men will be men, they make mistakes,
It is the women who should learn to be safe,
Or they’ll be questioned for the risks they take,
The hints they gave,
Why couldn’t you be more careful,
Oh don’t you know the world out there is simply awful?
All I want from all of you is plain and simple,
India is our mother, but she is so much more than just our daughter. She is her entire existence regardless of her relations.
Let India be our mother but please don’t give birth to sons or raise them to make anymore of India’s Daughter.

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