Indifferent Love

blaming the feeling is rather confusing
love is something within your soul
not something whispering
convincing you to believe
everything vomiting out of that person's mouth
is right
love is something you are in control
love is not always about
the stranger who you will live forever
but love from two of two of backbones
are immense than those you will get from anyone
although the love is different from
the sweet nectar from the transparent buzzing red rose
this love of a mother drives her mad
when the life she brought into this world
has vanquished from the air
and if the father can't stroke his child
while working his sweat to provide
stop beating and breathing to live
weeping tears that unleash the wings of sorrow
while they wail with exhausted screams
this is the love much better than that of a stranger
but love is not to blame for your choices
and mistakes made in the process of intimacy
because love is simply a feeling

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