Individual Love

A love that does not compare
One to another
Is a love that will outlast and outlive
Any other

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This Poems Story

I recently had a revelation that one of the greatest enemies of love is comparison. Using an object as an example, let's say you have a blanket. It's dark green and isn't very thick, but it's the only blanket you've ever even seen, and you think it is amazing. You love your blanket; it keeps you warm. Then someone comes along with a blue and white blanket with a beautiful pattern on it. It is extremely soft and thick. That is when you realize how terrible your other blanket really was. You immediately develop a want for this new blanket and completely forget about how you loved your thin, green blanket. The very reason that you no longer love your green blanket is because you've COMPARED it to the blue blanket and found that it is worse. The same thing can be applied to people. When we meet people, we have the potential to love them, no matter what they look like or act like. The problem is that we instead compare them to others who might be considered "better". We deem people unworthy of our love because they are a "green blanket" instead of a "blue and white patterned blanket". We need to learn to love people as who they are without comparing them to others. We need to love INDIVIDUALLY.