Tired of moms and dad's who long to have a child who does better than the wrong they had. They push and make us feel bad, but a real dad and mom should appeal to OUR path. Try to deal in facts. They should conceal their crass emotions not give us their own speel and rash notions... of how our lives should be. It's decided by you and it's decided by me! We go on our own roads and have different signs to read. Different rhymes and reasons, Different times of seasons... open your eyes to see this life in which we're striving. Our minds reach is our own and we can't have it dividing. For the time being we try this on our own, our world is our world, you think we need guidance, we'll we don't! To you defiance is how it's known but this is really the compliance of backbone. So give me silence from the throne, your heinous is overthrown. I'm not living in your shadow, this life science is my own! Tired of people acting like they're so clever and know better, like some globally sold expert, When It's really untold guesswork. If you truly learned from your mistakes you wouldn't be struggling so much now. To me, you pretend to be so loving and proud but really it's me you keep stuffing me down. Support? I've heard nothing of the sound. You've been contructing a cloud of emotions where no one can be constructively found. What do you mean learn from your mistakes, you're living them now! so don't pretend like you know something of how I should live. You keep fussing about all the things I could miss, But I hear nothing coming from you mouth but negativity and you look sick. Only thing we're missing is empathy from our parents. For you we keep senselessly running errands, it's never been about us, because technically it's your merits and the fact that it's not helping me is apparent. The real focus is on you and the attention is selfishly inherent. This is the lesson... There's a misconception... your fixed perception is more dangerous than the hints of protection, like a smith and Wesson. Your wits in question because you make demands of unfit dimensions and don't give affection. I'm not an equipped extention of you, every kids an exception, that's the only thing to know. So clear off your own motives and we can begin to grow. We all have a purpose that's only for us to see on this spinning globe.

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