“What is it to live a holy life?

“Lead with love.”

Yes, love.
and what about prayer and ritual?
What about the temples and the meditation halls?
Shall i wear white or adorn myself in robes?

“It does not matter what you do. reside in love, the rest is up to you.”

So.. if i spend all day naked in my yard with the flowers and the birds
feeling full of love
this could be holy?

“You can spend your days doing as you please. with whomever and whatever you wish. just love yourself and all that is”

Then why all this talk of this way and that way?
these structures and forms?
All this work that sometimes gets us nowhere?

“Because people forget how to simply be love. they search for it outside of themselves. the truth is, we all return to center one way or another. you, my dear, may find love in fish and flowers the way another finds it in prayer and ritual. the truth is, you can never tell by looking at someone just how holy there life really is.”

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