I'm imprisoned, insane;
enslaved to a cell within my brain.
I feel as if there is no escaping.
It's one hell of a hurricane.
Everyone sees there's something off,
but I can't seem to pin-point it.
Maybe I'm weak or just born to be crazy,
but I can't take much more of this.
It's so dark in here, that I am seeing things.
Paranoia kicks on, once again I scream.
There's no definition that I've found,
just a relentless suffocating.
I'm sick and tired of the memory raging.
Is there any saving when I'm caged in?
They're all embarrassed and ashamed of
how I become careless and act up.
Yeah most of the time,
I'm just a fuck-up.
I feel boxed-in, quite often.
To them, I'm just a burden.
Another problem for them to answer to.
Another story they have to make up
with another excuse
to hide the truth
that I use.

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