Inertia of the gravest kind

The green eyed monster is an unwelcome guest
It has the power to overcome the best
It takes up residence in thoughts, intertwined
It is Inertia of the gravest kind

As the years pass, relationships wither
Without any effort love can turn bitter
Frozen in ways our hearts are inclined
It is inertia of the gravest kind

Ego will find solace in another’s arm
A callous heart harmed by way of satan’s charm
New lust will soon wear off and old vows declined
It is inertia of the gravest kind

Some dream of travel and unseen vistas
Others consumed by scorn and vendettas
Hostage to hatred when feeling maligned
It is inertia of the gravest kind

Urge over Sustenance stored in heart and hand
Far exceeding metabolism’s own demand
Each pint and pound exposes bistros once dined
It is inertia of the gravest kind

Some stalk the powers for an almighty throne
Purchased at cost someday one must atone
A greed found mortgaged, to the devil consigned
It is inertia of the gravest kind

By ordinance we know time’s of the essence
Armor from your Spirit must show its presence
Divinity’s clock ticking for all mankind
It is inertia of the gravest kind

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Tags : Seven deadly sins

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This Poems Story

You can’t be inert and do nothing or you’ll never better yourself or your circumstance. Most of us hate change, and are controlled or always fighting against sin. Change can be exciting if you embrace it. Most importantly you need to accept Christ before it’s too late. Where it may seem like living a Christ-like life is restricting and unfun it is actually freeing to accept him and be forgiven which brings true happiness. Its actually easier to live up to God’s “rules” as opposed to our government’s laws or our friends or society’s changing morals and values.