Inevitable Darkness

Why am I so confused?
Utterly worn out, mentally abused.
For so long, I've simply refused
to believe undisputed truth,
and like a monster growling from the depths,
stirring from its coma, it devours serendipitous innocence.
Every word I say, further binds me in a self righteous knot of Hell.
Yet, what am I not? A slave;
to the reality of dreams...the dreams of the youth of destiny.
Destined never to see
beyond their ignorant minds, so closed and sheltered,
ironically by a world so small.
The smaller it becomes, the more we refuse to look.
It's easy to close your eyes, when you open them to blackness.
My apathy opened my heart to arbitrary madness.
Why am I so confused?
My mind defines the concept of change.
Change. Shift. Creation. Destruction.
The longer it goes, the worse the impeding danger grows,
and the worse the end becomes. And the end, it comes.
Somehow my image of after, of prophesied lore,
depicts the world as nothing, as if there was no "before."

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