Inevitable End

Cast me away. Forget how I have touched,
Your life in ways so small or even in abundance.
I have crossed the line from blessing,
Into a burden not otherwise matched,
So wipe away the memories and let go the ghosts of our past.

The day that I stop hindering,
Is the day that you can forget.
The irony of my existence,
Is that its end is comes with a breath.
Relief that I no longer suffer,
Relief that you no longer carry,
The weight of my measly presence,
And the darkness with which I spread.

I won’t let go, my dearest friend.
For my hope was always in us.
Not for any other reason,
Than the addictive joy you brought.

So by all means, please move forward.
And try your best to forget,
For the last thing I wish upon your fragile heart,
Is more burden with my inevitable end.

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This Poems Story

Heartbreak and grief often color our worlds in grey and leave us questioning the point of awakening each morning. Reaching for any light or purpose, we tire of grasping for excuses to postpone our end. It is at these moments that we decide, Will we choose to live another day?