Inevitable Flow

He awakened her spirit, estranged to her soul
Enriching her valley yet consuming its essence
He was confined by a mirage of socially defined happiness
Blurred by a figment of temporary desire, nothingness
She was his nourishment, his sunrise, his sunset
He became her hurricane, her earthquake

His river of solace routed by banks of malice
She believed that even the most tainted passages could be renewed
Battling each ripple, each wave wholeheartedly
Hoping to one day discover his core
Without realizing the damage left behind from the traveler before
Waters calmed.

Knee high in relief yet exhaustion she stared into her reflection
Overcome by struggle, rejection, perseverance, and deflection
Puddles masked her complexion
The validity of the journey seemed so pointless
Even after the storm, proud of the distance
She still became restless
Ventured so far with little accomplishment
And he would never know of her purity

With all that remained in her she exhaled
Glanced down once more
Only this time, smiled beautifully

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