Inevitable Relapse ; Part 2

an unavoidable point in time that is destined to happen again
for the good , or for the bad
it can be a positive outcome
or it can end with a adolescent being embraced in the arms of death
temptations to inflict injury upon him/herself
cravings so unsustainable that you are forced to sit on your palms
just to simply resist the urge to bring that dangerous piece of metal
forth to your skin
nauseous , swinging dizzy heads
gunfire racketing inside my cell some people call a mind
i'm sorry for what i have done

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This Poems Story

When i tried to stop self harming i believed that i would relapse . I was so convinced that it was going to happen again . I was so driven by the fact that i painted those words on a canvas . i realized that inevitable relapse can go both ways . since i fed into my cravings to self harm i did end up relapsing and i have never been so disappointed with myself