Inevitably Alone

Alone, I rise. Alone, I sink.
Alone at night when my mind begins to think.
Alone, I sit somberly inside of my car.
Alone, I think of you as I gaze up at the stars.
Alone, I entered the world.
Alone, I learned to crawl.
Alone, I took many tumbles. It was alone that I'd fall.
Alone when I try. Alone when I stumble.
Alone on these stairs.
Alone when I crumble.
Alone, I will heal.
Alone, my heart will mend.
I find myself alone when I could most use a friend.
I'm alone at midnight. I'm alone at two.
It's alone that I break. Alone, I am blue.
Alone, I drive. Alone, I scheme. Alone, I love.
Alone, I dream.
Alone, I judge. Alone, I riot. Alone, I am noisy.
Alone, I am quiet.
I'm alone on this planet.
I'm lost alone in space.
Alone, I'm an alien among the entire human race.
Alone in the dark.
Alone in the cold.
Alone in my youth. I'll be alone when I'm old.
Alone amongst family. Alone, when I cry.
Alone as I live. And alone, I will die.
Alone when it rains.
Alone, I will rust.
Alone I am ashes. Alone I am dust.

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