I lay awake in bed
just struggling to be
i look at the clock
it’s a little past three
stare up at the ceiling
i can’t go to sleep
i’m thinking of this boy
who’s hijacking my dreams

My head tells me to stop
my hearts fucking with me
this isn’t a fairytale
it’s never going to be
baby girl you’re mistaken
just go back to sleep
forget about him
and dream another dream

But my heart argues back
yeah it just won’t believe
maybe all these thoughts i’m thinking
are more than a dream
rainy days in your bedroom
summer nights by the sea
smoking weed in the forest
laughing till we can’t breathe
i know it’s unlikely
it probably won’t be
but just for a second
i know your choose me

But my head it says no
reality crashes onto me
there’s misery in hope
it’s getting hard to breathe
these feelings aren’t real
just another day dream
silly scribbles in a notebook
he’ll never get to read
how could someone like him
ever truly love me

but my heart it is foolish
and it whispers to me
but what if it happens?
it’s fate don’t you see!
long nights full of poetry, green tea and some weed
hikes deep in the forest
we’d stare at the trees
and laugh about the time
i thought this was a silly fantasy

My heart likes to dream
my mind trying to set me free
can’t quiet these thoughts
they won’t let me be
so I’ll lay in my bed
and I’ll smoke some more weed
and forget about this love
that will never be

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