Each time the flames illuminate her eyes
I can see the pieces of embers, deep inside
I can feel the heat intensify as wood is added to her flame
Someone's pouring gasoline, she hurts them, but who's to blame
She's dangerous alone, so why light a match and make her burn
She hasn't hurt you yet, just wait your turn
She cries at the burning sensation of pain and anger
She wants you to leave, away from all the danger
You either help her, make her fire burn brighter
Or you hurt her and make the fire die out inside her
Make a choice, stay and get hurt
Or let her burn, right here in the dirt
Either way, fire is deadly with or without
Keep her close, don't let her burn out
You can have her warmth
Or you can be left in the cold on this Earth
No matter what, you need her at some point in your life
She's the fire, you're the ice, You fight just like husband and wife
Even if she hurts you, she keeps you warm
You want to know more, so you get close to her fiery storm
She engulfs your body with the eternal love that is her flame
But no matter what, everything stays the same
She doesn't want any other match In the box, she wants you only
She lights softly, burns quietly, but dies slowly

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