Inferno Omnes Mea

I used to dream of sugar cream, smiles and fairy games,
But now I dream of carmine skies and never-ending pain.
I used to have so much hope; a bright future was my fate,
And now that that's been stolen from me, there's so much more at stake.
The dreams, a macabre collection that leaves my soul unclean;
The nightmares, a grotesque collage of horrors never seen.
I cry out, "Where am I?" as I run and run and run,
Alone but for the shadows that judge me for what I've done.
Among the screaming silence, I swear they whisper back;
"We've brought you here to punish you for all the things you lack."
My specters are gaining on me for all that I've done wrong.
The chase is just a game to them, escape was futile all along.
The darkness ensnares me and tears me limb from limb,
A sacrifice to an ancient Deity for an unknown sin.
With a gasping wail, I wake with a start,
Left with just the fear and frantic pounding of my heart.

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