(Infinite) Death

By Ara Moe    Avatar

Death is (Infinity), Death is (Infinity), Death is (Infinity).
Breathe. Live. Your life is a long second. A year? A millisecond.
Aspirations? Do it. Your time is ticking. Always.

Death is (Infinity), Death is (Infinity).
Are you a child? Your future, awaits. Adult? Count the days.
Are you satisfied? Are you satisfied? With what you have left?
Are you?

Death is (Infinity)
Not again. No second chances. Redo’s. Rewinds.

Death is (In-

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This Poems Story

I really went into this poem with a very abstract idea of death, that I wanted to convert from random thoughts to comprehensible English. My main goal was to capture the fast-paced idea of life and how death is completely and utterly final and inescapable. Please leave feedback on what I could have done better with this poem. The parenthesis are to really make infinity stand out and make the reader think more carefully about the abstract idea. Enjoy!