Infinite Death

Rarely is the love of two described
With such sorrow, as to question why.
Rather, a faithful unity-
Of two hearts,
Linked with a vow of eternity.

The truth, perhaps, is not that it is purely a happy union,
Nor is it one to be dreaded.
Regret will not happen if what is was true from the start-
An infinite promise that is spoken by the heart.

Death, though not known, is part of the agreement,
Enacted though many who vow do not realize.
Full of contrasting emotions, actions, and thoughts,
This death must occur
To ensure
Complete happiness.

Unlike the death that is the fate of all men,
This death is one that men rarely find.
This death is the repetitive, constant, unending,
Everlasting-seemingly infinite-death of one's mind.
The loss of one's emotions, actions, thoughts,
For the sake of rescuing their love's.

Once this death has taken place,
Day after day,
The lives of two become one and the same.

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