Infinite Jest – Love Yourself

Life is an infinite jest. We may not always laugh. Sometimes it’s a test.

Love yourself
Instead of hating
Faults and flaws
Embrace them.
I can see all the good in others.
She can see the good in me.
Always comparing ourselves to others.
No way to live –
It’s a slow death.
Never break yourself down
For fear of what others may think
I know that deep down inside
No one knows better
I believe
The compassion you share
Every day
Just makes someone’s life worth living.
Everyone needs someone.
So don’t give up today.
Today could be the day you succeed.
Whether you believe it now or not.
Every day is a new opportunity to
Make your dreams come true
And may you be strong
You are strong
Never let anyone tell you
Today is the day to make change.
Another chance to get it right
Leave behind mistakes past
Walk ahead and don’t look back
Any time you want to criticize
Say softly
Always wins
Under the pressures of life
Grieving can be
Hard, but you are not doomed.
Sing it for everyone to hear -
Only I can make myself feel inferior
Maybe today I’ll choose not to
Every day I’ll choose to be positive
Though sometimes I won’t succeed
I try and I try until it gets easier
Months may pass and I still struggle to see the bright side of things
Each moment is new
So I learn
Imagine the learning never ends
To what do I owe this pleasure?
So I crave more knowledge
All-knowing strength
To understand what makes happiness

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