Infinite Love…


What a Wondrous Love we have been
shown. Long before the days we own.
3 Nails... 1 Cross...
The Story we know. The Story we must tell.
Nailed up. Suffering for us, our demise.
Saw our future before we had eyes. Forever
patient, climbing that never ending mountain,
such a great feat, Unattainable...
Water Rolling Uphill.
A Long Walk, as The Story is told. Our sins
and burdens, yes Jesus grabbed hold.
3 Nails... 1 Cross...
The Sacrifice. The Loss. Put my pen to paper,
Human to Life. Our Lord and Savior Jesus took
The Ultimate Sacrifice. The Vision and The Ability
to see it all through. The Giving of His Son Jesus,
for me and for you. All the while remaining
perfect, so true.
3 Nails... 1 Cross...
The Author and The Finisher of The Greatest Book
Too. The Holy Bible, Our Guide.
3 Nails... 1 Cross...
Infinite Love...

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