Infinite Memories

She spoke to me in the verses of hope and love
But little was understood by me, when I myself
Was inclined to a dreadful world, no one knows of.
Still I walked beside her, nodding word after word,
Which had no real meaning for my impassive soul that
I dragged around helplessly, beside her impassioned footsteps.

As I smiled, she smiled, completing my void countenance
But still my heart was left empty, when I myself
Wandered through the self-created, bleak emptiness inside my mind.
Still she walked beside me, smiling days after days,
Which had no real meaning for my desolate soul that
I dragged around helplessly, ahead of her passionate footsteps.

Time passedand my feelings were tethered to a cloudy pole of sadness
Where words rarely mattered and gloominess reigned in my heart.
I took the strides to an unknown land, and she stayed behind,
To a land she always dreamt of, with those warm feelings
Slowly drifting away from her mind.

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