” Infinity “

“ Infinity “

Painting the sky with it’s golden hues,
The sun arises sprinkling it’s glare on the lovely dew.
All awake with eyes wide open yet my mind lost in the far horizon,
With one and two steps I started up my mission;
Know not how far I will go as my senses reach places breaking every sort of prison.
Sailing down the river I glanced the water with ever wonder,
Words composed an ode to the river as long as I could ponder.
On reaching the sands, I behold the sun moving towards the west as it has to set,
So as to glimpse the rhythm of time I cleared out my hat.
I know not where I was at that moment; just pushing on vowing not to surrender,
“Infinity” as my maxim I gazed forward with no despair for any danger.
Crossing the hills, dales and the age old wrecked cities I could feel the undefiable vigor of time,

With the soft and gentle breeze blowing over me I got a glimpse of the moon, in it’s total sublime.
Glittering stars glowed up in the sky so as to keep me calm in it’s charm,
The mother earth looked like she is by my side as she spread out her divine arms so that I receive no harm.
The creatures owned wings to fly around as endowed by the supreme divinity,
My eyes sighted a heavenly being who fabricated a symphony which propelled me to sleep to eternity.


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