Infinity Nothing

Once upon a time there was a boy
Absent of fun, love, and joy
Already depressed when the autumn came
Left him with nothing, left him the same
Angst and fire all up inside
Covered up, smothered to hide
Another side came from a ways
They told him it was just a phase
With it he felt like the king
Without it he felt like nothing
It should have been good and over, let him be a kid
Till something that couldn't happen, did
His life turned to dust before his eyes
The truth unraveled behind the lies
Left with nothing again in a blistering haze
They told him it was just a phase
His dignity bled, his heart a mess
He was no longer like the rest
He was once infinity, now nothing
Fallen from Heaven, for trusting
First the heart was broken, then shattered
Integrity derailed and nothing else mattered
Everything against, nothing adore
Sick and twisted, upon the floor
Nobody stirred as he faded away
The world was black and white, no longer gray

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This Poems Story

This poem was inspired by a true event and I wrote this for a class in school. I then took the narative and turned it into a novel, which I am currently editing and hope to someday publish. Currently I am a high school student, and I've been writing since I was seven. Not only do I write poetry but I write novels, short stories, been trying to write a play, and I write songs, both lyrically and instrumentally. I do also enjoy drawing, watching movies, being physically active, playing and listening to music, telling jokes, and dreaming.