Influences of Your Greatness

Here all alone on a Saturday evening...
I start to run and I am taken to a place
Where there is awareness and truth
People pass and glance my way and
I come to a park where the trail ends
On these clean gray sidewalks
Tree branches are as still as death
I stop and take time to look
At the world around me
The beauty of the grass swaying peacefully
The innocence of a child beaming with joy
The strolling of a couple linked by hands
Overwhelms me
Stepping out of my own prison
I finally start to see the world and live
The sun sets and
I stop and think of you
The greatness you have inside humbles me
I feel stuck here wishing I could give you faith
The same way you have given me
Your creativity, your mind and your soul
Nothing I have ever seen before
Your will to push on and constantly learn
As if the whole world is on your side
Your intelligence to create opportunities
Helping others who have suffered as you have
Being a strong survivor
Of the pain you have felt in your life
Willingness to be open and accepting
I have never seen such beauty in one being
Thank you for touching my soul
I will be forever grateful
Clarity of my wants and desires
Finally come to me
I feel compelled to do random acts of kindness
Because of you...
I want to unleash the greatness I owe to the world
My mind drifts back to you
And influences of your greatness....

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