Informal Poem

its the loneliness that captures me
its the loneliness that defines me
i run for safety, and i find my hiding place.
its the loneliness that wants me. as the sun is today,
is as the light is to me.
the flowers meet and discuss there
loneliness then the love winds wrap around them,
and together they produce.
why doesn't loneliness want them.
the trees join together and intertwine
their leaves within each other,
in harmony they sway, loneliness passed them.
its the loneliness that i fear.
it searches for me, and sometimes it calls,
i don't answer.. its the loneliness that has come to take me.
i wonder if it sees me, resting in the shadows of nature,
its the loneliness that seeks me....

so i bury myself in the ground, letting the grass wrap around me,
the flowers anoint me, letting the springs wind cover me,
maybe then,
loneliness wont find me.

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