To be into instants
Cognizant incognitos- stagnant lists
introverted...into the midst, its so irrelevant
a memento via insurgents incessantly slimy, pinto
added lite beer, mixed with nuts, beans and a hint-O
bent and crispy merchants, no color- the dark foes.
see knowledge is a no that should not be of importance
these urban, diversified milestone bros
surrounding the sown fruit with seeded violence
surmounting the space
Race unknown lo the smell of the low income
of a correlating wake of birthday cake, full of bullets
not the best take... so lets take 2, roll cameras anew keep still, do not move, view hollow points
we wish, wising up steel tips going straight through
to possibly hit, results twitch after the ambulance
daily sirens to switch to repeat a siren, bring-it-in
into safety Winter, Summer enter the volumes of...
unwashed summer hues
requesting those mints that quake dark barrels of
family cinders, just be still
Kill the movements

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