Inhale a Broken Heart

Please, would you tell me the truth?
I am begging for you.
I am pleading for you.
Here I am, polishing this rough, crimson floor with my knees;
and the tears are building dirt on my blood-washed skin.
Bones being brittle from unsettled lies,
the guy in you is hiding inside.
I broke apart the rough skin on my back-
moistened and ripped with the fragile softness,
it tears.
So here you stare at me with those brown, sickening eyes;
I look back at you, with my fogged up cries.
And you complain about my shadow controlling my every thought.
Darkness lurks inside my brain
and hides all over again.
No honesty can ever be placed in your heart,
you are an unfaithful guy-
you are a bitter killer in disguise.
Somehow, you still hold the world in your hand,
along with my heart.
You broke it up and mixed it in,
smoke started to build up.
You inhaled that smoke in you-
your new found high,
a broken heart.

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